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However, something he does ends the day early for everyone.

Olivia throws a birthday party for Lucy with a 2002 theme. Anna is planning on moving to New Mexico with April – and demands equal parental rights. [Trailer][Recap][Pictures][Video Clips][Discussion Questions][The Painting] Episode 7.10: Merry Fisticuffs!

Rory realizes this is a double standard, so looks for her own place. TJ freaks out Luke by calling during the birth, when Liz is screaming a fair bit.

April faces a medical emergency and, in panic, Luke turns to Lorelai. [Spoiler & Trailer][Recap][Pictures][Video Clips][Discussion Questions][Luke calls Lorelai? There is a “knit-a-thon festival” in Stars Hollow, complete with petting zoo, tents, stands and more.

Sookie and Jackson sell spaghetti, Kirk sells knitting needles.

Luke and Lorelai will have a confrontation re: Lorelai sleeping with Christopher, and Luke struggles with depression. Rory struggles with her separation from Logan and their long-distance relationship, as well as having to make new friends at Yale.All three characters will be recurring on Gilmore Girls.Sherry wants Gi Gi to come to Paris for an ‘extended visit’. [Spoiler and Trailer Video][Recap][Pictures][Video Clips][Discussion Questions][Rory & Logan Get Serious] Episode 7.06: Go Bulldogs!Luke’s diner is destroyed by Kirk driving Taylor’s car into it. [Early Spoilers – 1, 2][Spoiler][Recap][Pictures – 1, 2][Video Clips][The Title][Discussion Questions][Did Lorelai pull a Logan?] Episode 7.02: That’s What You Get, Folks, For Makin’ Whoopee Rory is upset about Logan being away and that their trip to Asia is off.

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