Updating xbmc on xbox

The setup should look something like this for each emulator you install Xbox E:/Emulators/"your emulator"/"roms". On your computer make sure all your firewalls are turned off and also any anti-virus software.It is only a precaution in case its blocking the FTP program from transferring files.*internet is not required to FTP , only the last two digits are the ones that usually differ. Whether you're using Unleash X or Evolution X dashboard you should see you IP address right on the dashboard, in the video above Evoluton X dashboard is being used.If you're using Unleash X then the IP address will show up at the bottom right corner.In the photo (above & left) aside from the computer and Xbox you see a two boxes, this was an older setup.

A crossover cable is NOT an ethernet or internet cable, although they look very similar.

You may turn them on afterwards.*don't be afraid to open and browse the Xbox folders, the main folder should have other folders inside such as application, emulators, games etc.

It's usually the E: folder that contains them but it may vary.

A crossover cable can also be used from Xbox to Xbox to transfer files or to play multi-player system-link Xbox games (Internet is not required to FTP/transfer files)Option #4 - Make a Disc: You may be able to create a disc with the files you want to transfer.

The Xbox is capable of ripping files from the disc to the hard drive.

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