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“The Incredible Shrinking Man” starts tonight on Me TV at 8pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, and, to find out time and channel where you are, please check your local listings- or at com .Our Chicago area viewers get another look at the classic “Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein” at 11 am on WCIU, the U.Summer is the time of open air festivals, theatre and concerts.Probably the most attractive event in summer is the Grachtenfestival, which is held mid-August.Though, if you’re like me, after Thanksgiving the LAST thing you’re doing is getting smaller- tonight on Me TV, we have an individual who is not only getting a smaller waistline- but the rest of him is growing smaller as well- and it’s not a small world, after all- but a HUGE one for ‘The Incredible Shrinking Man”!In this classic 1957 science fiction favorite, celebrating its 60th anniversary this year,we start out on the waters with Scott Carey and his wife- as they relax and enjoy lounging on their boat off the California coast.Most of the bars and cafes offer fleece blankets to survive the still cold evenings.

Large festivities are held in parks and on squares in the city.On the 27th of April the entire country is celebrating the King's Birthday.Many young people from all over the The Netherlands travel to Amsterdam, where the festivities last for two days.But these typical Dutch festivities are also very nice for tourists, because a lot of them are held with an English-speaking public in mind. Also, the festival season starts in this period and the first Amsterdam open air events are organized due to the better (however irregular) weather.Booking airport transfer, attraction tickets or guided tours in advance is highly recommended whether you are visiting Amsterdam during a major event or not. When you visit the city you will see that when the sun is out, the many terraces in the city fill up quick.

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