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The whole song sounds tribal,with the weird vocals.: D Here mostly drums are used too,and vocals are used like instruments too.Javed Ali sings awesomely,his voice has something , I mean he is best in romantic tracks. : D Her voice is like poison but in a good way,her voice just gets stuck in your head.: D Overall,this is a tribal song,with no Techno or Hip-Hop like the other six songs.

It is definitely not the normal folk- title song similar to the years before,its distinctive from the others. He seems to have used effects on the singers voices too,especially when they say "Pudhiya Manidha bhoomiki vaa...". P Balasubramanium was great as always,he has been singing Rajini's title songs for the past couple of years with the exception of Kuslean and Baba. R Rahman's voice added to the robotic feeling of the song,because it was peppery. R Rahman's daughter Khatijia Rahman's voice is exceptional!

This song sounds like its picturized on Ash and the Robot, Chitti. Swetha Mohan's voice sounds adorable when she says "Chitti Chitti Robo hey Chutti Chutti Robo.....! Tanvi does a jazzy background vocal,which sounds foreign but nice. Its the first time I have heard her voice,apart from her song in the Telugu version of Raavanan-Villian. To Sum this review up, all the tracks in the movie are foot tapping,danceable numbers.

:) Again,there are Robot sounding effects to the voice of Yogi B to sound robotic,which sounds cool when he says "Boom Boom Robo Da! The music added to the expectations of the movie,since it was so excellent!

The most awaited film of the year, Endhiran's music is out!! The lyrics done by Vairamuthu are really romantic and cute,and like mentioned earilier the guitar adds to the mood. Rahman's voice sounds cool in this song,he definitely added effects to this song too.

In this song to Rahman doesn't lose his techno,he keeps it in the middle of the song.

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