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Slowly, the two begin to recognize the humanity and honor in each other.

Under the moral tutelage of the senior and wise Ivo, the two move from hatred and antagonism, to respect and camaraderie.

) is a 2013 Estonian-Georgian film directed, produced and written by Zaza Urushadze.

Set during the 1992–1993 War in Abkhazia, the film is a morality tale addressing issues of conflict, reconciliation and pacifism.

However, they get into a firefight with Georgian soldiers in front of Margus' house, leaving only one alive from each side.

Ahmed (Giorgi Nakashidze), the surviving Chechen, and Nika (Mikheil Meskhi), a Georgian volunteer, are both gravely wounded, and Ivo brings them into his home to nurse them back to health.

While both vow to kill each other once they have the strength, Ivo secures a pledge from each to not enact any vengeance under his roof.

A great deal of tension ensues between the two enemies as they begin to recover over many days in the same tiny house.

They are backed up by a housing scrutiny report from Lambeth which just last January more or less gave every TMO, including PACCA, a clean bill of health. The most obvious thing is that Adeline Aina, the director of PACCA, has been selected as a Labour candidate for the local elections in May.Ahmed offers Margus a large wad of cash that he has made from being a mercenary, but Margus refuses money "made like that".Russian army troops allied to the Abkhaz and Chechens later drive up to Ivo's house, finding Ahmed outside, and falsely accuse him of being Georgian.Last year Cowley EMB (a TMO) conducted a survey of their estate designed to deliberately scare residents into supporting their plans to transfer the estate to a housing association by dishonestly claiming that Lambeth is cutting funding for council housing (omitting to mention the £500 million allocated for decent homes work on Cowley and other lambeth estates).But there was absolutely no intervention by the council to stop residents being misled in this way.

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