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Because even without the trappings, these women know how to pray, simply and clearly.head out back with Kelly, who’s on her way to teach a biology class at San Jacinto Community College.Maybe it’s an innate sensitivity, this attraction, something built into my DNA.Whatever it comes down to, I have some powerful ideas about nuns.Since, like the others, she goes without visible makeup, I can clearly see the mole in the center of her cheek and a slight ruddy color to her nose.She has a round body, stacked like the Venus of Willendorf.And so I have moved into a convent: this house on White Oak Drive is one of a string belonging to the Dominican Sisters of Houston.

The room is dim, lit only by side-table lamps; periwinkle valances float above the venetian blinds, still closed to the day.In this vision, the nun—played on-screen by a reed-thin Audrey Hepburn, or maybe Deborah Kerr—stalks the long, blank corridors in silence, spending her days in punishing self-denial. —a cherub floats above her, ready to place an entire thorny crown around her head.She is self-isolating and special, tapped by forces larger than herself to live a life far more difficult, more ) is the fact that I have never been a true, practicing Catholic—the occasional mass on high holidays, putting out a nativity scene at Christmastime. And yet even now, in my apartment, I have a two-foot-high tin print of a nun, in the full habit, kneeling with a large crucifix in her hands and a single thorn embedded firmly in her forehead. This is propped atop my bureau, next to the mirror I glance in every evening on my way out—usually to meet some other skeptics at my local whiskey bar.A huge remote control lies on the coffee table next to a crucifix and a bowl of plastic Easter eggs.On the mantel stands one of those tall mechanical clocks trapped under glass, hemmed in by folk-art angels, and hanging above it is a large replica of a Constable-esque landscape. The textured walls, when we recite the psalms, won’t echo with centuries of tradition.

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Julie has more of an unfussy, tomboy’s demeanor: her brown curls are cropped close to her head, and she wears oversized men’s shirts, usually denim.

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