Dating large breasted women

Because the choice to reconstruct or not is very personal, you need a surgeon who listens to you and explains things in ways you can understand.

It’s also important that you know all of your reconstructive options, especially if those initially presented to you aren’t appealing.

These are pockets of fat left behind after mastectomy.

Also, if an incision ends abruptly, a “tab” of skin and/or fat may form a bulge at the end of the scar or under the incision.

Your doctor or nurse will likely have recommendations.

Recovering from a mastectomy with no reconstruction is generally easier than recovering from mastectomy reconstruction.

While most women choose to have some type of reconstruction, some women don’t want to have additional surgery.

Some women, especially women who have large breasts or are overweight or obese, may end up with what are called “dog ears” under their arm.Generally, immediate reconstruction does lead to the most cosmetically pleasing results.If you choose delayed reconstruction — reconstruction 6 or 12 months or more after mastectomy — your recovery from mastectomy should be a bit easier.You might worry that your partner doesn’t find you attractive with only one or no breasts (if you’ve had a double mastectomy).What do partners of breast cancer patients care most about?

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