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It also happens to feature Holland’s largest artwork: a trippy nimbus of mammoth, tumbling fruits and vegetables arching across the market ceiling on 4,500 aluminum panels.Other recent starchitect landmarks include the multipurpose Rotterdam Central Train Station and native son Rem Koolhaas’s nhow hotel, sitting like a pile of stacked metal boxes on the south bank of the Maas River, the city’s reigning cultural hub.Later in 2015, Aman Villas will become the second Caribbean outpost from Singapore-based Amanresorts and the first golf-integrated Aman Resort.It’s the first phase of a development that aims to introduce some 400 residential villas, along with sports and equestrian facilities.

—The region that welcomed Jewish families in the ’50s, hippies in the ’60s, and soon, perhaps, casino gamblers is also making room for a new tribe: hip, design-crazed travelers.

Read on for our picks, and join the conversation with hashtag #bestplaces2015.

For more than a decade, Marrakesh has been the Moroccan destination on everyone’s list.

Recent overtures to attract tourists include new luxury golf resorts (which were banned under Fidel Castro), airport renovations, and the revamped Mariel port, now with added space for luxury yachts.

Cruising is a major draw, with 200 ships expected to drop anchor during the 2014–2015 winter season.

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