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Then you see what can not be, shadows move where a light should be.Out of darkness, out of mind, cast down into the halls of the blind. I am searching for an artillery mod that let's 2 teams battle on opposing flying fortresses with artillery shells.But a plain greyish texture should do it, just make it look like old cannons and not too futuristic .Cannons should be in Minecraft lore anyway, as there is iron and gunpowder in the game and cannons are part of many medieval/fantasy games. And can you make the recipes somehow adjustable aswell, like changing the iron with stone or to increase the output from 4 to 8 for example, as to pay so much iron is not always suitable unless you have lots of iron in your storage I don't know how strong shrapnells are (how do they work anyway?I can see what you see not, vision milky then eyes rot.When you turn they will be gone, whispering there hidden song.

Your mod seems pretty well suited, not too complicated and well balanced. : (if you are currently working on a 1.3.2 version: Just continue and don't bother for 1.4 yet ).

The table can be sorted by clicking on the small boxes next to the column headings.

hate it when you have to type values into a document, always makes my head spin.

So, please, do not abandon this mod just because we get more joy out of using the cannon manually rather than building traps. I'm currently working on creating a killing field on a server specifically so that I might use this mod to annihilate any hostile mobs that come within range of my home.

Had I known you were looking for reasons to update, I'd have come sooner and convinced you to continue. vote/discuss on how the new model(block) should look like, while I'm converting my mod to 1.3.2!

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Because when I look the mod spotlight on the first page of this thread it seems a bit dull that you are able to fire fast salvos with only one cannon and one lever.

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